Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lip sync project under way! It makes me smile.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Sorry it's been so long, guys. Here's a handful of recent sketches I've been working on. They've all been colored over in gouache. I love that stuff. It really gets me leaning towards color application.

The first batch of gouache sketches were all based around finding a final design on my female devil character (the one seen a few posts down). She wasn't doing so bad here, but I kept falling into the large head category, which bothered the hell out of me. She was looking way too young. I was diggin' the color sceme in the lower right drawing, though.

After pushing aside another grotesquely large head in the top left, I started pegging her proportions down a bit better. I added glasses to give her more of a mature work area look, and eventually really pegged it down with the bottom middle sketch.

I'm pretty close to the final now, after a month or so of design. I'll have to start putting her on model soon. Like, this weekend soon. I'll post the sheets up when I get the chance.

Here's a couple of randoms, with a pudgy little purple garden-gnomish kid who's name will be respectfully withdrawn, a somewhat confused Jesus, and a quick profile shot on our leading lady.

A young and brash Supes, ready for the heroic rescueins.

Which of course, throws old man Batman into a mindless, gassy rage.