Monday, June 25, 2007

Dear God...

The Mario Brothers give our generation a chance. A chance to learn.

There's a lot of things wrong (albeit awesome) with this, but I think what caught me off guard the most was how incredibly manly Luigi sounds.

Friday, June 22, 2007

So hey, true story (meaning a fairly dull one, so skip this blurb if you're not in the mood), me and my gal Kim were doing some random sketching one day and she asked me if I knew anything about drawing giant robots/mechs. I had to pause for a second and tell her, "nope, not a thing". Wasn't that an interesting story?

Thing is, I haven't been asked that particular question since high school, and my answer for each time was the same. I just couldn't draw the damn things well, which doesn't bother me more than the fact that I never really tried. And not just with robots either, a lot of mechanical type things. Vehicles especially.

So I feel guilty about it, yet also empowered, inspired. It means that on the rare times I do draw anything mechanical, I feel the need to push myself and try different approaches and directions in drawing them. So, that's cool, right?

Well, here's an attempt at just that. I've been watching a couple of episodes of some of the more recent Transformers cartoons to get down some ideas from those cool designs. I also watched Beast Wars to see those robotic designs that really needed to work in 3-dimensional space. Well partially. I watched Beast Wars because it's an awesome show, really.

I had a lot of fun sketching Prime, so I think I'll keep at it for a while. Of course at one point I'll have to draw him as a truck. *shudder*

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I'd like to describe how much an enjoyable run this portfolio stuff's been, but I'm typing this during the most frustrating DVD burning of my lifetime. Currently, my opinions are a tad skewed.

Oh, but hey! My website is online! Go check it out. Do it now!