Monday, February 25, 2008

Land of Lucy! Character concept and design, part one!

Here's a bit of the cast from my long-developing Land of Lucy series. The logo is a temp job, even though I kinda like it. Let me know what you guys think of the characters. They even have descriptions below!

From left to right we, that's too overused. We're going asian style on this reading format.

So from right to left, we have:

Lucy - Short for Lucius Malicious Fur, he is the prince of darkness, the embodiment of all evil and sin, the ruler of the most horrible place in the cosmos. Also, he is the hero of our story.

Evan (from Heaven) - What he's doing in the Land of Lucy is a mystery, and how he previously got into heaven is an even larger one. Evan is a first class greasy no-good dastardly little angel, who revels in making Lucy's life a living hell...which isn't too much of a stretch but he tries. Despite his faults, Evan is a proud ladies man. With the help of his melodic hand-made Harpsitar, his harmonics can have even the most timid girl swooning over for one...(continued in part two!)

Bluecy - Another Lucy from an alternate dimension. What he's doing here is yet another mystery, but the residents don't seem to mind. An all-around nice guy with good business knowledge and a firm handshake. Everybody loves him. Except of course for Lucy, who is convinced that Bluecy is an evil two-timing usurper who wants Lucy's kingdom for himself.

Update - Another Evan sketch.

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B Roy said...

So wen is it going to be on TV?

Great work man I'm a fan