Monday, April 21, 2008

Aye, iss' a rainbow o' Lucies, ya.

So here's some color theory-ing. I'm pretty happy with how he looks now, but there's always room to experiment with my helpless test subjects before letting them roam free unto the world.

There's a sketch behind him. Ignore that.

So here he is, as is. It's my current pallette for Lucy, cept his eyes aren't normally blue. I don't know why they are in this, but it still looks good, I think.

Here's a much inverted 'Bluecy' without the tie, cause' I'm lazy. He's got oranger horns and perfecter teeth, an' he's red-eyed, something I'll probably change down the road. Anyway he's more polished than Lucy will ever be, and that'll piss anyone off, I say.

Red! Like all good hellfolk. He started off this color, but I changed it because the vibrancy of this red color is too much for comfort. Too bad too, because he dun' look half bad in it.

Here's what his colors looked like in the 3D max model, illuminated in yellow with some very standard and generic colors, yellow horns an' red skin an white eyes an' teeth. In my 3D project, Jono saw a frame of him in a very illuminated area, turning his skin almost totally yellow, and he told he it was a great color scheme for a devilman, since it's seldom done before, sacrificed for red. I nodded and smiled as if I knew what I was doing. Then when he left I stole his idea. That's right, orange Lucy's a fraud and I'm going to jail.

I like this scheme though, just that it's been done.

I got lazy.

Here's a toned down red skin to smack that vibrancy issue in it's high-contrast face. That's one problem solved, but now he looks a little too bleached. Could be that it's just working against the really dark line color, but I suspect it's just a bad choice altogether. Here his teeth are so bad, they moved their way up to the horns. He's rotten to the marrow, he is.


Adam Arsenault said...

Hey man, it's been a while! You're stuff looks angeringly good.

...but.. I gotta say...this devil drawing looks pretty darn phallic

Ryan Cole said...