Tuesday, June 02, 2009

A Video of Ralph Bakshi answering the tough question of how to survive these fickle times of the animation industry...by pretty much asking us what the hell we're talking about. This is an amazing video: There are a lot of animators who are bitter towards the digital era and the type of work we have to endure in the industry, myself included, and Ralph retorts in a way that gives them all a well deserved slap in the face, myself included. Since I've watched this I've been hard at work in Flash. Many thanks to Jon Lambe for finding this and to Katelyn Stetson for relaying it to me.


B Roy said...

Wanna do it? what do you say old friend? I'll be on BG's and coloring...cleanup anything.

Let's get some of the guys from the class to be in on this.

We can do it from home everyone has the web now anyway.



Ryan Cole said...

I have been meaning to find a layout guy for some time now.

Dude, if you have a short in mind to collaborate on, you should email that to me pronto.