Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sketches galore!



Jill Fogarty said...

Geez, you're a little bit amazing. Love your posts! =)

Benjamin said...

I'm liking the colors man! your fun highlight thing you were talkin' about is very nice. your drawings kick my ass.

also, the rainbow jackelope thing almost gave me a seizure! euuuahhh!

Jill Fogarty said...

I replied on my own blog, but maybe it would make more sense to show here since blogger has no handy "reply" button.

Well, I'm accepted to NBCC Miramichi! (That's how I found your art, actually- random Google searches and interlinking blogs). I'm skipping the media studies year (that degree was worth SOMETHING at least) and jumping right into the animation program.

I will have to confirm that I DID learn knitting, but not rug hooking at MUN. I had a different 3D Prof that year than ever other year, though, and the normal 3D prof was definitely going to teach rug hooking... I'm not surprised your friend learned that.

Your drawing skills are pretty darn sweet... is the animation program the only school you've gone to? And the rest of your skills come from hard practice, I bet?!